ANMAPET CBD Oil 3,2% 10 ml

ANMAPET CBD Oil 3,2% 10 mlANMAPET CBD Oil 3,2% 10 ml

ANMAPET CBD Oil 3,2% 10 ml

Having an endocannabinoid system that keeps systems in balance, your pet can enjoy the same benefits of CBD oil that you can.
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ANMAPET CBD Oil 3,2% 10 ml

The AnmaPet Premium CBD oil is produced with hemp plants grown on in NatureScience organic permaculture farm in the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy.

This oil only use top grade cbd flowers for extra virgin oil extraction quality.

Nature Science do no use any chemicals or solvents in our process, just coldpressed and organic high quality CBD oil. There are only few companies doing this nature process of extraction in the world, andnone of the farms come close to Nature Science quality or standards.


Organic cold-pressed hemp rosin & organic hemp seeds oil.


we made unique approach to CBD oil production combines ancient Ayurvedic principleswith cutting edge research and technology. Our Scientists team formulated an Ultra-Premium CBD oil that preserves the full Phytocomplex of the plant, retaining the integrityof the terpenes, waxes, and flavonoids.

This allows the organs to absorb the CBD in a much more efficient way, utilising theentourage effect, as nature intended.

All done without any chemicals or solvents.

  • GMP certified lab.
  • Certified Organic farm.
  • Certified GACP medical lab.

The process line is HACCP & ISO9001 certified.

All vertebrates (birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals) have an endocannabinoidsystem that keeps systems in balance. This means that your pet can enjoy the samebenefits of CBD oil that you can. Because people and some mammals have similar bodystructures, numerous owners have started using CBD products for their pets.

Whether yourpet is experiencing stress, anxiety, pain or fear, you can count on CBD oil to help.As Nature Science Research Lab shows that Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the activeconstituents of the cannabis plant, has significant healing and adjusting consequences forall mammals.Nature Science AnmaPet has extracted the best properties from the cannabis plant, andby cold pressed to get the most active essence for the best effects for the pets. Pet proprietors have utilized it for an expansive range of therapeutic and behavioral issues— malignancy pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, seizures, neurological and stomachrelated disorders, anxieties, past injuries, temperament, and memory problems. Duringrecuperation from sickness or surgery, CBD can speed up the healing process.Here is a list of the five most significant benefits of AnmaPet CBD for pets:


Between 1-5% of puppies experience seizures, which are caused by an assortmentof hidden conditions including hereditary illnesses, kidney and liver ones, head damage,brain malignancy and idiopathic epilepsy.

Idiopathic epilepsy also affects 3% of dogs, butthe cause for this condition is still unknown. According to a study conducted by Evan C. Rosenberg, Richard W. Tsien, Benjamin J.Whalley and Orrin Devinsky, CBD gradually reduces the number of seizures to zero.Moreover, its interaction with the endocannabinoid receptors supports neurotoxicity causedby seizures.


Animals can suffer joint pain and although they are unable to communicate it, you maynotice that their movement are slowed down, or they have lost appetite. Preparatory datademonstrates the connection of CBD with the CB1 receptor is instrumental in the supportof chronic pain in, for example, dogs and felines. This decreases the sensation of tormentand relaxes the body.


Anxiety can affect any pet, large or small. Using CBD for pets with anxiety will help them tostay calm and have faster reactions in tense situations. CBD is presently utilized bynumerous patients (human and animal ones) as a way for an alternative type of medicinewithout undesired reactions. Convincing research “indicate[s] that CBD causes a selectiveanxiolytic effect” and states that it is “associated with significantly decreased subjectiveanxiety.


A study from 2011 suggests that CBD can subdue nausea in animals. This is possible dueto the combined effect CBD and the endocannabinoid receptors have.


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